On-Base Housing at Fort Meade

If you're relocating to Fort Meade and are considering living on base we've provided some information for you to start your search.

First you'll  need to know that base housing is located both on and off post.  Corvias Military Living Fort Meade is the managing entity for all base housing and leasing information.  On their website you can browse housing by rank and number of dependents, view photos of housing options and even access floor plans.  They also give you a price for the housing so that you can use that to compare off post-housing before you make a final move.

On-base housing at Fort Meade is available to all ranks as well as DOD employees.

Your home on Fort Meade comes with some nice extras including:

  • Seasonal lawn care
  • Most Utilties
  • Trash & recycling - also included in all off-base rentals
  • 24 Hour maintenance
  • Swimming pool access - also included in most off base rentals
  • Community centers - also included in most off-base rentals

Living on base is a great way to save gas and commuting time while staying close to the amenities of Fort Meade including the PX and Commissary.

Before you make your final decision you might want to do some comparison to Off-Base versus On-Base housing and compare things like s.f., agent and amenities.