We've all heard the news about base housing issues but news seems to be scattered and inconsistent. i have to say that, being actively involved with the Fort Meade real estate market and working frequently with families who live in base housing, I have heard far more good than bad.  Not to negate the issue because families HAVE been horribly effected by health issues related to mold at Fort Meade and other military bases.  And having that happen even once, with something SO preventable is absolutely unacceptable.  

What we're doing here is preparing a running log of any information that we see on the issue, how it is in the news and steps that are being taken to make things right.  Please, please feel free to share in the comments your experience with base housing, good or bad.  We want to hear from you!

November 13th - mold in Fort Meade military housing sparks 10 families to file lawsuit

September 23rd - Fort Meade to benefit from privatized housing updates

September 20th Housing campaign: Improving communities

September 18th - New financing plan could speed renovations of 16,000 army base homes

July 22nd - We are seeking input from current or past residents who have lived in privatized military family housing in the United States any time since October 2016. If you would like to provide feedback on your experience living in military housing—including your satisfaction with the condition of your home and experiences with hazards such as mold, lead-based paint, asbestos, and pest infestations—we invite you to complete our survey at https://tell.gao.gov/militaryhousing through August 2019. Respondents can choose to remain anonymous and survey responses published in our reports will not be traceable to respondents’ identities.

Any additional questions can be sent to MilitaryHousing@gao.gov


June 23rd Corvais issues press release, touts improvements.

May 20, 2019 - General Howard hosts second housing town hall

April 17th - New registry and hotline aims to address your Army base housing woes

April 12th - U.S. military advances sprawling mission to quell housing-safety scandal

April 11th - U.S. military advances sprawling mission to quell housing safety scandal

March 13th - Crisis of trust permeates Fort Meade housing town meeting.

March 7th Army Reveals Plans to Improve Military Housing To Congress

February 21st - Housing:  Residential Communities Initiative at Fort Meade

February 21st - Army leadership meets with privatized housing partner CEOs

February 17th - Corvais summoned to testify before Senate for military housing problems.

February 17th - Army Senior Leaders Meet With Fort Meade Residents, Soldiers and Housing Staff

February 15th - Army calls base housing hazards 'unconscionable, details steps to protect families

February 13th Families Living With Military Housing Horrors Plead For Reforms

February 13th - Mold, lead paint and rats: Military families complain of unsafe housing

January 19, 2019 U.S. Army Vows to fix 'broken' housing at Fort Meade in wake of Reuters report

January 10th - Family Housing Surveys

December 27,2018 - As U.S. soldiers battle landlord, confidential records shine light on his lucrative business 

December 27th - 'I find it appalling':  Developer makes millions off rundown military homes