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If you're in the military, chances are you've racked up a PCS move every
2 - 3 years. The stress involved in a move is enough to make some military
members opt out of the lifestyle.  A top Pentagon official now says that,
they have under consideration, a plan to keep military families at one base
for longer periods of time

Some of the top issues they are trying to address are:

*  Job stability for spouses
*  Retention of good service people
*  School stability for children
*  Decrease in moving costs 

I'd like to add another point as well which is the decision to buy a home or
rent a home at a duty station.  Military families often opt for renting instead
of investing in ownership because of the limited amount of time they will have
to live in their home and build equity.  

Longer stays at each base would be a good boost for local real estate economies
and encourage home ownership.

The bottom line is the military wants to retain as many well qualified members
as possible and keeping them happy is at the top of the agenda.

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